CANON POWERSHOT SX710HS CAMERA – A Compact Camera With A Powerful Zoom Lens

If you are thinking about getting a new camera to take along with you on a hike or on any outdoor land based adventure really then this post might be exactly what you need. A digital camera has become as essential on a hike as warm clothing or even a first aid. I am sure many people will spend a few hours on a trail taking pics of their surroundings without wearing or carrying all weather clothing or even an emergency first aid kit.

The challenge one has when shopping for a digital camera is not a lack of options, but that there are so many different options! How on earth are you supposed to decide which one is better for your among hundreds of choices available? That being said, there are digital cameras and there are digital cameras. If you are looking for a camera to take along on a day hike for example, it could differ quite remarkably from a camera you would pack in for a multi day hike. In most cases you would be right to think so.

A large bulky camera might be okay to use for a 2-3 day hike across even terrain, but as soon as you have to negotiate uneven terrain over long distances, a large camera becomes impractical. The issue of space in your backpack is also a concern and possible damage to your camera when packed in with hiking stoves, pots and a kettle.  Even if the camera is kept safe in its own protective camera bag, you then have to contend with carrying a heavy backpack and a cumbersome camera bag, whilst negotiating the actual hiking route.

What if you could get the functionality of a large digital camera with a powerful optical zoom lens in the shape of a compact camera? The Canon SX710HS combines a powerful 30x optical zoom capability and 20.3 Megapixel sensor with a small compact camera design. We have been using this camera for about 5 months and have been hugely impressed with the optical zoom and picture quality. One of our regular hiking companions was so impressed with the photos we had taken with this camera that she has recently bought one for herself.

It has built-in WiFi capability and loads of other fun features to make it ideal for all those social media applications that have become part of our daily lives.

This camera has a hardy robust design. During one of the first hikes I took it on, I dropped the camera on the gravel trail. I didn’t have a small camera bag at that stage. A couple of months later, Belinda dropped it whilst running on a tarred road during a charity dog walk. Besides a few nicks and scratches, it survived both incidents in tact!

Weighing in at 269g, it is slightly heavier than our old camera, but not significantly so, and the large 3″ LCD screen, compact design and massive zoom certainly make up for the extra weight.

The one negative of this camera is the battery life.  The battery tends to run down fairly quickly, especially when using the camera zoom.  We are thinking of investing in a second battery for the longer multi-day hikes when we have no access to electricity.



Why buy this camera when you can just use your phone?  Yes, a phone is great for panoramic shots, selfies and a quick snap which you can add an effect to later and post on Instagram, but if you (like us) don’t have the latest top of the range smartphone, you need something extra to capture that perfect shot.  Most smartphones don’t have a great zoom, so attempting to get a picture of a beautiful bird from far away (because it will fly off before you get to it) is nearly impossible using your phone. That is why you won’t go wrong investing in a camera like this.  We purchased ours from Takealot – it is currently going for R2 989.00. This is a very reasonable price considering all the features you get with this compact camera. Clickety click over here to buy it.

For the full specifications for this camera please follow this link to the Canon Camera website.


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