About us

About us

Hello, we are the Speeds. Thank you for visiting our hiking blog.

We hope you enjoy reading about our travels through Southern Africa, one hiking trail at a time!



Police detective and lover of lemon meringue. Stickler for detail. King of puns. Loves making lists and good cups of tea. Hates traffic, wind and doing things at short notice. Always has a pen and a pair of latex gloves on hand.


Forensic Anthropologist and saver of bunnies. Loves napping, stationery and reality TV. Hates being cold, crowds, and people who talk a lot. Everything is a competition. Procrastinator extraordinaire. Always late. Always.


2 year old ‘foster fail’ rescue pit bull from Pit Pals. Loves naps, treats, cuddles and stealing shoes. Built like a brick sh*t house. Walks with a swagger.  Was a racehorse in her previous life. 32kgs of pure, unconditional love.