BushBaby Coffee Filters – Product Review

BushBaby Coffee Filters – Product Review





I have only recently really started having coffee in the morning (I know… I have been living under a rock). For years I was a strict tea-drinker, but of late, I found tea boring, unenjoyable and not something I want to drink first thing in the morning.

Whilst preparing for our recent hike through the Fish River Canyon, I was faced with a dilemma… How do I pack in my Bodum coffee plunger into my backpack without it cracking? Just joking. I knew I couldn’t pack in an actual plunger, and I didn’t want to have to resort to instant coffee (does this mean I have become a coffee snob?) for 6 days whilst living in the wilds of Namibia.

Months ago, when hiking the Amatola trail in Hogsback, I came across a ‘one-cup’ coffee filter thingy that you put on top of your cup. I saw it and knew I should buy it. And then I didn’t. And I have not seen one since. So, I embarked on a journey through Google, searching for everything one-cup-coffee-filter-for-hiking related. It took a while, and most of the search results were for online stores charging ridiculous prices for not quite what I was looking for.

And then. I found. BushBaby Coffee Filters. Oh. YES. 

This is their story on their “About Us” page:

“Coffee is much like an old friend, someone familiar which holds an unspoken promise that everything will be as it should. A friend that you lean on in times of trouble and a friend who is your first choice in experience the joys life has to offer.

Whether in the office, outdoors or with company, coffee forms a massive part of our lives. At BushBaby coffee we are dedicated to the pursuit of enabling this experience regardless of situation. BushBaby coffee filters allow you to enjoy the premium coffee of your choice anytime, anywhere.”


I knew this was a company that I wanted to get in touch with to help me find the perfect coffee filter to take hiking.

Their filters are the most nifty things I have seen in a long time. They come in a sealed pack with 5 individual filters in each pack. The filter unfolds into a little coffee-hugger-holder-thingy with little ‘arms’ that clip onto the sides of your cup. You place the ground coffee into the now opened filter, pour in the water and hey presto! your coffee is delicious and ready to enjoy in nature.

It was so much nicer having ‘proper’ coffee in the Canyon and was actually something I looked forward to whenever we put our kettle on to boil.

When I contacted Kyle from BushBaby Coffee explaining my woes of searching for the right filter, and telling him about my upcoming hike, I also asked him if I could review his product.  He was kind enough to send an additional pack of 5 filters with my order for mahala to use for the review. Kyle, you are a legend.

I received my order within just a few days (BushBaby Coffee is based in Pretoria and I am in Cape Town), and inside the parcel was a personalized letter wishing me well on the hike. I enjoy supporting local companies, and it is not often that you receive such individualized treatment. These guys are going to go far.


Here’s how to use them:


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BushBaby Coffee have three different pricing options, depending on how many filters you want, and how often you will use them.



1 x BushBaby Coffee pouch containing 5 individual filters

Price: R30.00



5 x BushBaby Coffee puches each containing 5 individual filters (25 filters in total)

Price:  R135.00


Monthly Subscription*:

5 x BushBaby Coffee pouches (25 filters) + 20 additional filters

Price:  R200.00

*Delivered and billed monthly – minimum subscription of 6 months


Delivery is charged as an additional cost and is calculated depending on where you live.

I opted for the Safari package, as we were hiking for 6 days and I knew that I would definitely be having more than 2 cups of coffee per day.




  • Step 1: Be glad you don’t need to hunt all over Google like I had to to find these little gems.
  • Step 2: Go onto the Bush Baby Coffee Order page here and fill in the details of your order.
  • Step 3: Check your email inbox for your invoice
  • Step 4: PAY. THE. MONEY
  • Step 5: Find a magical destination out in nature somewhere, away from social media. Pack your favourite mug, your favourite coffee and your BushBaby Coffee filters and you are set for greatness.
  • Step 6: Make another cup.



Final Thoughts:

Overall, these filters are extremely well priced for the convenience they provide. They are lightweight, small and don’t take up much space at all in your backpack.

The company is efficient, delivery was on time, and the product way exceeded my expectations. I will definitely support them again.


Here’s a pretty picture of the Fish River Canyon (the blog post for that hike is over here). Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee whilst taking in this amazing view?



PS – If you were stranded on a deserted island and only had one filter left, you could, at a push, use a filter twice. Just throw out the old coffee and make sure to hold the little arm-thingys when you pour in the water because they aren’t as sturdy if they get wet.

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