Packing List For Arangieskop Hike

Hiking Arangieskop and not sure what to pack for this high altitude hike? 


Here is the packing list for the Arangieskop overnight hike.

The weather forecast for this hike was rain and cold temperatures. This had a significant impact on the clothing we decided to take along with us.

The other items that we are included in this packing list are fairly standard with both nights spent in huts. Having an indoor fire place was a huge help in drying our clothes and shoes for the next day’s descent.

The advantage of a two night hike is that you can afford to take along some decent food and it won’t spoil or break your back in the process.

We wouldn’t advise having a very heavy pack though as the descent can be very tricky after some rain has fallen. If you can share some of the heavy items with a fellow hiker, for example a camping stove, pots, kettle, first aid kit, etc it will help to lighten the load.





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