Packing List for a Hiking Day Pack

Doing a day hike and not sure what to pack?


We have put together a packing list for your typical day hike in and around Cape Town. It is not meant to be a definitive solution to the inevitable question of what to take with you on a day hike, but it does include a few essentials that you may not think of.

You would probably need at least a 35 liter day pack to fit in all of these items comfortably with enough room left over for extra food and warm clothing.

Our day hike packing list caters for the ever changing weather in Cape Town and will stand you in good stead if for any reason you have to spend a few more hours than you anticipated due to bad weather or limited visibility.

We have also included a few essentials if you are planning on taking your dog along for the day.

Packing for a day hike is very much a matter of personal choice. Just remember that if anything does go wrong on top of a mountain or in a steep ravine, you can only help yourself or someone else in your hiking party with what you have on your back. So think carefully before leaving one of these items behind, even if there is only a 1% chance you will need it.


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