The CapeUnion Blow Torch

With this gadget, you will never use matches again!



Raise you hand if you have ever struggled to get your camping stove lit on a trail while the wind howls around you or it’s drizzling. Okay, you can put your hand down now. When it comes to meal times on the trail or when Belinda and I need to boil water for tea, I used to have to get out the box of matches and pray that I could find a sheltered spot to set up my camping stove. It usually meant hiding behind a rock or a bush or in a crevice and contorting my body in such a way as to create an effective barrier against the wind. This didn’t always work and I usually ended up surrounded by a pile of prematurely snuffed out matches.


When we hiked the Fish River Canyon in May 2016, our hiking leader, Rhine, whipped out a tiny silver blow torch and as quick as a flash, in the howling wind, he had his camping stove going. With most camp sites along the river open to the elements, I really struggled to get a match to stay lit long enough for me to ignite the gas stove.

I ended up borrowing Rhine’s blowtorch to light my camping stove for each meal time from then on until the end of the hike.

I swore that the next hike I did, I would have a blow torch in my backpack. I bought
the little blow torch at Cape Union Mart a few months later and I got to use it on the 2 day Harkerville hike outside Plettenberg Bay and the 6 day Amatola in Hogsback.



It provides an instant ‘blow torch’ flame that last as long as you depress the button. You also end up saving a lot of camping gas as well because the stove is lit quicker with the blow torch.  It runs on lighter gas fluid (butane) which you can refill using the plug at the bottom of the blow torch.

It is definitely a piece of equipment I would recommend any hiker to have. It is small and light weight and is capable of lighting your camping stove in pretty much any weather conditions.

You can purchase the blow torch for R140.00 from any Cape Union Mart store or by following this link.

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