360° Degrees Collapsible Silicon Kettle

Tea on a hike? Yes Please!



Ken and I drink a lot of tea.  A lot. So, one item of equipment we would want to take on every hike, no matter the distance, is a camping kettle. But kettles tend to be bulky and take up too much space in your backpack and really, if you think about it, a pot can do the same thing.

We had therefore resigned ourselves to the fact that we would be boiling our water in a pot like most of our fellow hikers, until one day, on the Harkerville hike, one the guys in our hiking party whipped out a flattened silicone kettle that they popped and stretched out into a full sized kettle.



The kettle has a metal base, with silicon ‘body’ and a plastic handle.

It is the smartest kettle design that I have seen in a long time and for those of you, like us, who like to make their tea with a kettle, this is really something you should look into. It weighs 380g, so doesn’t add too much additional weight to your backpack, but certainly adds convenience.  It is extremely easy to use, and cools down quickly after use so you can pack it away in a hurry.

It is competitively priced at R395 and as a long term investment in your hiking (and tea making) future it’s a real winner!  We recently purchased this kettle and used it for the first time on the Amatola Hiking trail and it did not disappoint!   With a capacity of 1.2 litres, the hot water can successfully make two breakfasts and two cups of tea in one go, with a little extra hot water to spare.  Our popularity amongst the people in our hiking group has definitely increased since we invested in this little guy.

You can purchase this kettle here from Outdoor Warehouse.



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